Just few months ago, MTV has partnered with MySpace to search for a brand new MTV presenter to become a new MTV news host. And due to its popularity, MTV are now making a TV show about it called Pick Me MTV.

The guys at MySpace and MTV have been running a presenter search to find a new rising star to front the MTV news bulletins. They've had shed loads of audition videos - so many in fact that they've decided to make a TV show about the search. It's called Pick Me MTV and will follow the fortunes of the lucky "WANNABES" who have submitted a video and made it through to the televised auditions.

Visit www.myspace.com/randomreport to watch the audition videos. The video who gets the most clicks by Sunday 2nd March will join the other hopefuls in the final rounds of the Pick Me MTV auditions.

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I already advised you not to watch the Part 1 of "How Annoying is This?" Don't blame me and take your own risk if you will get annoyed after watching this Part 2! Enjoy! :P

Guy is plagued by violinist on his back. See what it's like when you're constantly bugged by an annoying sound. If you, or someone you know, suffer from tinnitus there's a really useful link at the end.

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